RSP will be at the International Congress of Coaches of Sprint Canoeing 2022

We will be at the VIII International Congress of Coaches of Sprint…

Inertial training in football

Football is a sport in which there are more and more high intensity actions, both acceleration and breaking.

ISOKINETIC International Congress of Sports Medicine. Lyon, France

On June 4, 5 and 6, 2022 RSP will participate in the ISOKINETIC International Congress of Sports Medicine in Lyon, France. The title will be “Football Medicine The Players’ Voices

Why inertial equipments improve braking performance?

In order to understand the need to improve the capacity to "brake…

What is an inertial machine for?

Inertial machines are already common elements in sports performance, but if we start looking for a concrete answer to the question with which we started this article, the divergences begin.

FMPA – Welcome RSP as Business Club Member

RSP JOIN FMPA. BUSINESS CLUB PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCED. The FMPA are very pleased to announce a brand new partnership with RSP.

Effects of Flywheel Training on Strength- Related Variables: a Meta-analysis

Background: Strength and power development are abilities important…

Eccentric Exercise Program Design: A Periodization Model for Rehabilitation Applications

The applied use of eccentric muscle actions for physical rehabilitation…