GENERAL SELLING TERMS – Business location
The following general selling terms regulate all the relationships between: The INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® society and their Internet customers (“The customer”). Before making any transaction, the customer acknowledges know and declares accept these terms from the moment they click the Agree button.

  1. Personal selling terms – The customer acknowledges know, at the time the order is placed, the personal selling terms indicated on the screen (name, components price, weight, amount, product details, benefits costs, etc.) and specifically declare accept them without any inconvenient. The order placement and confirmation by the customer materializes full and complete acceptance of the particular terms of sale, only applicable to the order.
  1. Order – The client makes the order clicking the window “add to the basket”. The order adds to a total that collects all the articles confirm by the client from the moment they click “accept the general selling terms and make the payment” in the menu bar. The automatic register systems of INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® serve as a proof of nature, from the content and date of order.
  1. Order confirmation – INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® confirms the acceptance of the order to the client through e-mail. The sale will not end until society INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® confirm the order.

INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® reserves from the possibility of not confirming an order due to a more specific motive other than

product supply, a problem concerning the order received (ex .: garbled paper), an abnormal order or a foreseeable problem concerning the delivery. INERCIAL PERFORMANCE ® will inform the customer.

New orders may not be made until the customer has paid the sums due in respect of the previous orders. Also, the ownership won’t fully transfer the goods until society INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® receives the amounts due by the customer.

  1. Terms of delivery orders – The client will choose the place and the date to receive the goods since the moment they make the order.

INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® reserves the right to use all necessary means for delivery of products in the direction indicated by the customer. Shipments to the Canary Islands: By accepting the general conditions, the client agrees to pay customs charges.

  1. Delivery deadline – Deliveries in the Iberian Peninsula will be made over a period of 3 to 5 working days. If an item is not in stock at the time of ordering, we will know and we will confirm the date it will be available or will propose an equivalent substitute product. The delivery is paid by the recipient.
  1. Costs of delivery and receipt of orders – The delivery costs from the teams: RSP CONIC, RSP ISQUIO, RSP WALL, RSP SQUAT Y RSP ENCODER in the Iberian Peninsula are free. The spare parts and accessories will cost € 4.95 delivery within the Iberian Peninsula. For orders over € 100 in accessories or spare parts, shipping is free within the Iberian Peninsula. Check shipping costs for outside the Iberian Peninsula. When ordering, the customer agrees to sign the reception by the person making the delivery, which may include any comments it deems necessary. By signing the receiving sheet, the customer acknowledges receipt of the number of packages indicated therein.

If the customer observes the lack of products or damaged products, the customer must make a claim in the Service Customer Relations by e-mail or by mail to INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® CAMINO DE PÍAS, 2 Postal Code: 36370; Nigrán (Pontevedra); Phone: 659-91-06-85; e-mail: within a maximum period of three days. Every event as, for example, force majeure, accident, strike, administrative decision or transport strike to delay, prevent or make the supply extortionate, is, by express agreement, a clause of suspension or termination of obligations INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® society without compensation to benefit the client if the event takes place for more than 15 days. In these circumstances, the customer will be exempt, complete and automatically, of their obligations regarding their order.

The INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® society will inform the customer via any suitable means and the same day that the event occurs so that it can freely cancel their orders due reply by mail or e-mail once notified of the event.

When delivering the goods to the customer can not be effected due to the latter, the INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® society reserves the possibility of a bill preparation costs 15 euros (including VAT).

  1. Shipping company – Deliveries will be made by courier during business hours of the company that takes over the shipment. Select the shipping address for any person to receive the package.
  1. Price – All the prices are indicated in euros and do not include VAT. The payment of the products and the services are made by credit card or bank transfer in a secure environment from the server of our supplier. The charge on customer’s credit card will be made in euros 2 days after order acceptance by INERCIAL PERFORMANCE®. INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® retains ownership of the products until the customer pays full price of the products and services.
  1. Products sheet – The photographs showing the products are provided for information purposes only. The texts accompanying these photographs are the reproduction of information contained in the packaging or instructions for use. The differences between pictures and products can only be minimal and do not affect the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the products in the store may differ from the actual product color.
  1. Payment conditions – The products ordered will be delivered after payment by credit card (Master Card, Visa Card, American Express, JCB).
  1. Security of private information (Computer National Commission and Freedom) – INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® is obliged to protect your private information. Personal data collected during your connection to our commercial site will be used only to treat your order. We will not sell, lease or disclose your personal information to any person (neither third parties).
  1. Requested information – When ordering through the site aware that INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® society use personal data about you, reported by you or collected through the operation of the site. These data (names, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number with expiration date, etc…) are necessary so that we can process your orders.
  1. Security of personal data Sending orders (containing the account information) it is done through a secure server. The safety program (SSL) encrypts all information you type before it’s sent to us. Also, message transmissions are protected against unauthorized access by third parties.
  1. Warranty – The customer will benefit from the legal guarantee of hidden defects in the products sold. All our products are designed and manufactured with the utmost care. However, the warranty is void if failure or damage due to improper handling occur, lack of maintenance or care contrary to our instructions. The buyer should consult the appropriate instructions and recommendations found in the operating instructions provided with the product.
  1. The right to forward the goods and retraction term – You are entitled to withdraw from this contract within 15 days without justification.

The withdrawal period will expire 15 days from the day you or a third party indicated by you, other than the carrier acquires the material possession of the goods.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you shall notify by writing us (INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® CAMINO DE PÍAS, 2 Postal Code: 36370; Nigrán (Pontevedra) Phone: 659-910-685; e-mail:, providing us with your name, address, your phone number, your fax number and email address), its decision to withdraw from the contract by an unequivocal statement (eg. a letter sent by mail, fax or email). You may use as a model the withdrawal form below, although its use is not mandatory.

To meet the withdrawal period is sufficient that the communication concerning the exercise of the right for their withdrawal is sent before the deadline of withdrawal.

Effects of withdrawal In case you withdrawal the order, we will refund all payments received from you , including the costs of delivery without undue delay and in any case not later than 14 days from the date on which we are informed of their decision to withdraw from this contract. We proceed to carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment used by you for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly provided otherwise; in any case, will not incur any costs as a result of repayment.

We may withhold reimbursement until it has received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of the return of the property, whichever condition is met first.

You should return or deliver the goods to INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® CAMINO DE PÍAS, 2 Postal Code: 36370; Nigrán (Pontevedra); without undue delay and in any case no later than within 14 days from the date on which we communicate its decision to withdraw from the contract. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the deadline of 14 days has expired.

You should bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

Only you will be responsible for the diminished value of the goods resulting from a different than necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods handling.

  1. Intellectual property – When you connect to the Internet site created by INERCIAL PERFORMANCE®, owner of all intellectual property rights thereof, the customer may not copy or download all or part of its contents without prior express authorization of INERCIAL PERFORMANCE®.
  1. Contact Us – If you have any questions about INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® products as, for example, how to perform maintenance or any questions about your order:

INERCIAL PERFORMANCE® CAMINO DE PÍAS, 2 Postal Code: 36370; Nigrán (Pontevedra) Phone: 659-910-685; e-mail: