Company data
Company name: Inercial Performance S.L.
Commercial Name: RSP Inercial Performance S.L.
Registered office: Camino de Pías,2.  36370 Nigrán (Spain)
CIF / NIF: B27813518
Phone: +34 659 910 685
Registered in the Registry: Not applicable as it is a Civil Society
Domain name:

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy of the RSP Inercial Performance S.L. site describes how this website treats personal information when a user resorts to our services and products.

Personal information
When a user registers to use the site of RSP Inercial Performance S.L., in this case to contact through a public contact form, he is asked for personal information.

Identification data: full name, e-mail address and contact text, which are required in this form.

The RSP Inercial Performance S.L. site automatically records information about the use of the service, such as when it is used, the location, and the frequency and size of data transfers.

If you choose to use the RSP Inercial Performance S.L. site from mobile devices, we will record your activity on the website.

The RSP Inercial Performance S.L. site does not store or maintain your personal data information. The data in the forms are ephemeral and are not recorded in the database of the website or in other external ones.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s computer/smartphone/tablet when accessing certain web pages in order to store and retrieve information about the navigation carried out from said computer.

RSP Inercial Performance S.L. uses the following cookies on this website, which are detailed below:

This Cookie reminds you of your last comment published on our website as well as your username or email address, giving you both data without having to rewrite them.

This Cookie helps you remember your preferences within your panel.

This cookie stores login information to your control panel.

Third-party cookies (Google Analytics)

This cookie generates a unique user ID, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site. It also records when you first and last visited the site.

This cookie is of the persistent type and can be considered to expire “never” (it takes 2 years to expire).

utmb and utmc
These 2 cookies are used to calculate when a session has ended. B records the time of arrival on the page while C checks whether the session should be kept open or a new session should be created.

The utmb expires 30 minutes after the last page view while the utmc is a session variable, so it is automatically deleted when the web is changed or when the browser is closed.

When the page is loaded, if the utmc does not exist, it is considered to be a new session. If it still exists, the session remains open.
You can only calculate the time in page up to the penultimate page seen, since to calculate the time you subtract between the value of B in the current page and the value of B in the previous page.

The fourth cookie is responsible of registering the user’s origin, as well as keywords. It has an expiration of 6 months, although it is renewed every time the website is visited, provided it is not a direct visit.

The fifth cookie, which is optional, is only used when custom variables are used, for example, to segment demographic data such as the visitor’s gender or age obtained from registration data. Like utma, it is a persistent cookie.

The sixth and final cookie is used in conjunction with Google Website Optimizer.

The user may -at any time- choose which cookies he wants to function on this website through:

The configuration of the browser, for example:

Google Chrome, from
Internet Explorer, from

Mozilla Firefox, from
Safari, from

RSP Inercial Performance S.L. is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies of third parties included in this cookie policy.

If you have any questions about this cookie policy, you can contact RSP Inercial Performance S.L. at