About the shippings.

What is the process of home delivery?
Since the transport company you call the day of delivery to confirm that you are at home. Once delivered all products, the carrier will show a delivery note that you must sign to confirm receipt of all products. In case when the order arrives you are not at home, they will go at another time for you to receive the goods.

How much does it take my order to arrive?
The order will arrive to your house three to five working days after your order is confirmed.

Can I make some indication in the delivery address?
Yes. You can differentiate the delivery address of billing. Similarly you can include new shipping addresses and send the order to your selection in the process.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect item?
We recommend that you check the time of delivery you have received all products of your order. If you find, however, that an item does not correspond to your purchase, call us at 659 910 685 or send an email to info@einercial.com

Return policy

How should I do to return an item?
Call us at 659-91-06-85 and we’ll show you how you can proceed. If the return is for a defect or being wrong you must notify within 5 days after receipt of order, we will remove free, if for some other reason, we’ll collect also but you will run with transport costs.

What is the deadline to make a return?
The deadline for any refund is 15 days after purchase.

How will I receive my refund?
You will receive the amount in the same way you entered the order.

How should I do if my refund is incorrect?
To start of this is very unlikely to happen, however, we are human and can make mistakes. Contact us in that case on the phone 659-910-685 or via e-mail info@einercial.com. Remember to always have the order number close to you. You will be ask then for your personal data to verify the status.